At present, in cooperation with the Materials Engineering Faculty of the Warsaw University of Technology:

  1. We have been implementing innovative technology for producing polyurethane composites to be applied in many sectors.
  2. We have been developing polyurethane components to be included in cutting-edge protective shields and gas cylinder guards for firemen and cylinder users.
  3. We have been developing materials of improved resistance to fire, to be applied e.g. in mining of coal and other minerals.
  4. We have developed new polyurethane mixtures, introducing nano-additives to the polyurethane structure, e.g. nanosilver, nanosilica, carbon nanotubes.

Moreover, the students of the Materials Engineering Faculty of the Warsaw University of Technology have the opportunity to carry out their practical training both in the process and commercial department. We encourage the students to prepare their MSc theses and PhD dissertations on the topics convergent with the operations of our company.



We have started cooperation with the Military University of Technology in Warsaw with respect to:

  1. Assessment of heterogeneous materials in elastomer structure, concerning the shock wave energy dissipation and similar.
  2. Assessment of the energy absorption capacity in polyurethane elastomers.
  3. Studies of polyurethane elastomer properties and functionality
  4. Joint organisation and mutual participation in conferences, symposiums and seminars.

The research results are used when designing innovative products worldwide, finding a practical application in the defence industry.